AI-Powered Monitoring Platform

Introducing SOHInfo's AI-Powered Monitoring Platform

The industry's premier cross-platform data monitoring and analysis service

Continuous monitoring and data updates

For reported events, published literature and major social media platforms

In-depth metrics and analysis

For a complete understanding of all the underlying data

Custom charting and data management

Enables you to tailor your dashboards for all of your products

Product-oriented interface

Advanced features give you the ability to create custom groupings on your products for better data management

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Discover how SOHInfo’s Monitoring platform can simplify your regulatory staff’s daily tasks and increase productivity.

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Continuous Event Report Monitoring

The most comprehensive view into what is being reported about your products to regulators. Continuously monitor event reporting databases and display comprehensive information based on what is important to you. Custom data charts let you focus on specific products and event drivers to instantly see what is being reported on your, and your competitors’, products. Explore what true depth and understanding looks like!

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Continuous Literature Monitoring and Clinical Data Extraction

SOHInfo continuously monitors leading literature repositories using custom AI to identify, retrieve and curate all the published science on your products. There is an option to also include complete datasets created using data extracted from the scientific literature. This gives you the ability to analyze scientific evidence for deep insight.

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Social Media Monitoring

SOHInfo solves the problem of needing to spend hours weeding through countless posts, links and comments to find relevant threads on your products. SOHInfo will scour leading social media sites to identify and interpret potential problems. Using our AI-based natural language capability we rapidly collect and categorize postings to find events you need to respond to.

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SOHInfo is a subsidiary of MedAware Systems Inc. specializing in innovative meta-analytic and big data services for healthcare and medical science.


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